Tips for Taking Kids to Comic Con Rose City Comic Con

Thanks to Rose City Comic Con we got to attend their second annual conference in Portland. We attend the first year because we had to get a photo of Zarek with Richard Hatch!

When we saw that RCCC was being held at the Oregon Convention Center we knew this year was going to be bigger and better! We learned a lot attending with both boys.

1. Pack Snacks & Water

You can purchase treats and eats at the conference, but I recommend taking some healthy protein packed snacks. Food can be spendy and kids need snacks for all the walking you will be doing.

A building filled with people and wearing costumes will make you and your kids thirsty. Pack water bottles!

Zane Red Link

2. Dress up and make it fun

One way to get kids excited about attending is getting them dressed up. You can pull out an old Halloween costume, their next Halloween costume, or go all out and create a costume for them

3. What Little Ones May See

Be aware that people may dress up as zombies, aliens, and more. Talk to your kids about dressing up as imaginary people. Let them know there may be scary looking people but they are just pretending.

4. Make a plan

Take a look at the schedule for the Comic Con and the list of exhibitors beforehand. Know what you are definitely wanting to see and make out your plan. The event may be overwhelming for your kids and you may not have as much time as you think you will. Also talking to your kids about the plan will help them know what to expect.

Power Rangers

5. Bring your Camera

Or your phone if it does high quality pictures. You are going to get so many photo opps. Photos with your favorite characters, favorite artists, and just people in amazingly designed costumes! I promise you will want photos.

Panel Break

6. Bring your phone

If you have panels you want to go to you will want some entertainment for your kids. You can either bring a tablet for them to play games on or just make sure you have a few good games installed. Make sure and turn the volume off before the panel starts.

7. Comic Con is Busy

Last year the event was in a small conference room at a hotel, it was packed! This year it was in a large convention center and it was packed! So be aware it’s going to be busy. Some children love crowds, some don’t. Just be aware what you will need to do to make them comfortable.

Zane resting

8. Take breaks

Make sure you take breaks from the exhibit hall. It can be overstimulating and become too much for your kids. It was almost too much for me. So grab a yummy drink and sit down every so often. Checking out a Panel may be a good way to take a break as well.

Zarek Link

9. Cut it short if you need

By mid afternoon Zarek was done, he actually even asked if we could go home.  You may not be able to stay the whole day, but I promise even a few hours is packed with tons of fun!

Mommy & Daddy

10. Mommy & Daddy Day

With your kids you may have trouble getting into all the exhibits you may want to see (sometimes may take some elbowing to get to the table). Or there may be a session that would not be fitting for your kids. If you can plan one day with kids and one day just with Mommy & Daddy you won’t be as stressed about getting into seeing everything while your kids are with you.


Even if you just spend one day at Comic Con I promise it will be a fun and amazing experience that your kids will remember forever. Zane still remembers Comic Con from last year, which I was so surprised about. This year was even bigger and better so I know it will be a great childhood memory for the boys!

If you are local, or would love to visit the beautiful city of Portland, I highly recommend following Rose City Comic Con on Twitter and Facebook to get ready for next year! Mark your calendars September 20th & 21st!

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