14 Easy Bento Lunches To Plan For Back To School

I’m starting to plan for Back to School, but we don’t go back until the day after Labor Day. I know I want to make Bento lunches at least once a week this year, they are an easy solution for healthy school lunch ideas. I would love to do it four days a week, but with both boys being in school this year I don’t know what to expect. I thought that you may enjoy seeing the bentos that I’m very excited about recreating from last year.

Bento 90413

Ants at School: This bento was from our Back to School Week and I actually found that Zane loved having ants on a log in his bentos. Ants on a log is a great PB&J sandwich alternative and gets them to eat their veggies too!

Included in this bento: Peanut butter sandwich, celery with peanut butter and raisins, grapes, abc cheese cut outs, and a cheese stick.

Bento 992013

Red Bento: Rainbow Week I wanted to choose this whole week, it was my favorite. I did a bento for each color of the rainbow this week.

Included in this bento: Red sweet peppers, Baybel cheese, hot dog, and strawberries.

Bento 91813

Pirate PB&J Bento: PB&J Week actually became one of my back up themes for the year because it was easy and Zane was guaranteed to eat his lunch.

Included in this bento: Peanut Butter and Jelly Pirate with a cheese bandana, applesauce pouch, sweet peppers, and chocolate bunny grahams.

Bento 92413

Bitty Bite Lunch #3: I did a fun themed week called Bitty Bites Week where I made the whole lunch bite sized finger foods. It was a lot of fun and these lunches were great for pre-packing for the week.

Included in this bento: Cheese squares, mini sweet pepper, grapes, gold fish, and Matt’s Munchies Mango Fruit Snacks.

Bento 10213

Healthy Taco Muffin Bento: I had completely forgotten about Muffin Week! It took a little more planning on Sunday, but was also a great theme to have pre-packed for the week.

Included in this Bento: Healthy Taco Muffins, grapes, olives, carrots and goldfish. 

bento 10072013

Spider Bento: I did a couple weeks of Halloween Bentos, I think Halloween is one of my favorite times of year to do bentos. This bento all started with the cracker spider and developed from there.

Included in this Bento: Cracker with peanut butter, pretzels, and raisins, carrots, and grape spider eggs.

Simple Halloween Bentos_1

Bat Bento: This was Simple Halloween Week, I wanted to show how even a sheet of stickers and a couple fun bento tools can make a fun lunch!

Included in this Bento: Turkey and cheddar bites, no sugar added peaches, bat wings (blue tortilla chips), and spinach leaves.

Lego Bento 2

Ninjago Bento: Lego Week was tons of fun and I will definitely be recreating most of the bentos from that week!

Included in this Bento: Cheese sandwich Ninjago, Zane cut out of cheese, cucumber throwing stars, and grapes with a sword pick.

Bento 1120

Forest Animal Bento: Fall Week was all about fall, animals, and thanksgiving. This was one of my favorite bentos because owls are the school mascot at Zane’s school so it was perfect.

Included in this Bento: PB&J whole wheat english muffin owl, fruit O eyes, pistachio beak, apple wings, chocolate bunny grahams, more apples and sweet pepper leaves.

christmas bentos_2

Snowman Bento: Christmas Week I didn’t do anything spectacular, this year I will have to plan a little better.

Included in this Bento: Cheese, cracker, and turkey pepperoni snowman with grapes and spinach.

Valentine Bento 500_4

Ham & Cheese Heart Bento: Valentines Week was the week I was able to get away with pink and cute for my boy. I loved it!

Included in this Bento: Whole grain bread cut as a heart with cheese & ham, strawberries, celery, pretzels, and a chocolate strawberry heart for a treat.

Bento Pirate

Pirate Bento: Not my best photo but one of my favorite bentos from Pirate Week.

Included in this Bento: Pirate Kabobs made with olives, cheese stick, hot dogs, and mini sweet peppers. Whole wheat chocolate chip muffin, grape island with a sweet pepper X, and a fruit cup.

Book Bento goodnight moon  sm

Goodnight Moon Bento: I was amazed at how this Reading Books Week turned out, it was better than I could have imagined!

Included in this Bento: Waffle PB&J sandwhich, cheese stick (cow jumping over the moon), bunny graham crackers with Gold Fish moons, and applesauce (mush) carrot stars.

easter bentos

Chick Eggs Bento: Easter Week was lots of fun too, another great week I can get away with a few semi girly things in my boys lunch.

Included in the Bento: Hardboiled eggs with sweet pepper beaks, bunny pretzels, grapes, and Peep for treat.

Are you going to try making Bentos?

Easter was the last themed week I did of bentos, life got busy and I just made a bento here and there with no theme. Zane still loved his “fun” lunches and if I didn’t do one for a while he would ask for one. This year I am very excited to send two sets of bentos with the boys. Zarek always got a bento at home too, but this year he will get a lunch box and get to eat it in his class.

I hope this inspired you to try a couple bentos for your kids this year too. Do you think you will try?

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