If only I had my camera…


As I sat with my mother-in-law eating the soup she brought over while we waited on news of my mother Zane decided to start feeding Zarek. He would dip his plastic Ikea spoon into my nearly empty bowl barely get a skiff of soup on it and then spoon it into Zarek’s mouth.

Just seeing this little bit of brotherly love made my heart melt.  No matter how many times Zane hits, pushes or sits on Zarek he still loves his little brother. This evening he even came over unprompted and gave Zarek a big hug. Zarek loved this and tried to fling himself over to Zane to give him a wet slobbery kiss. Oh how I love my little boys and oh how I wish I had my camera!

Update on my mother: She is doing somewhat better. Her O2 numbers have gone up. They were 87 yesterday today they are 94 or 95. They need to be between 95-97. She had a collapsed lung yesterday. She is off the blood pressure medicine and it’s staying down on it’s own. They still have not got the cultures back on what this is, so have her on a broad spectrum anti-bacterial/viral medicines.  They are thinking it is N1H1. They say she has a lot going for her she doesn’t smoke, she’s young, and so on. She is getting a blood transfusion today because her blood counts are low. The specialist is giving her a 70% chance, the regular doctors are a little more pessimistic and only giving her a 50% chance, the nurses are hopeful. Please be praying for her and for her doctors and nurses.

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