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If you haven’t read my last post about the Ultimate Blog Party at 5MFM then you don’t know that you could have a chance to win a Unique WordPress Blog with hosting** by Uniquehorn Designs!

I have decided to donate a free wordpress blog to a lucky winner at the party. Here are the details:

A Unique WordPress Theme

I spend time with you finding out your style and what you like. I will design a logo or header for your blog and then design a complete custom wordpress design for you. This will include any supporting images you may need for the design too (ie. backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc). (A $350+ value)


I will do all the installation for you. I will install the wordpress script onto your servers, install the theme and any plugins that may be necessary for the theme. Once installed I will do any adjustments necessary for 1 week.

Free Year of Hosting*

You provide the domain and I will provide the hosting. You will recieve 1 year of free hosting this includes 100mb of space and 1gb/month of bandwidth transfer. (A $20 value)


  • A blog button to match your theme.
  • 1 hour free maintenance on your blog if hosting with me (This is for upgrades, plugin upgrades, plug in installation, etc)

*If you need more space or bandwidth you can just pay an upgrade charge for the next plan up. At the end of the year you can either transfer your blog, close your blog or you can continue hosting starting at $20/year.

**You can also choose to have you WordPress blog installed on your own host. Or if you already have a WordPress blog I will just do the custom design for you if you choose.

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