A Big Thank You

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I want to send out a big thank you to a very lovely lady, who cam up with a great idea that blossomed into a big wonderful community! If you are joining me from #31DBBB then you will know exactly who I’m talking about, Nirvana_Mamma! You can find her on twitter, tweeting along with us, or you can check out her wonderful blog, NirvanaMamma.com !

If you haven’t come from #31DBBB let me tell you about NirvannaMamma, or also known as Erin. One day had an awesome idea. She wanted to do Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better blog. But she also wanted to not do it alone! So she decided to see if anyone else wanted to join her. She now has over 500 people that have joined in this great event and I even saw more people joining today.

Not only did she come up with the idea but she has been working like a crazy woman on it. She has just been amazing. She has been busy on twitter and on blogfrog, but what you may not realize is that she has been doing so much on the behind scenes also. I know because I tried helping her out, though Lynda from Digital Woe ended up being a much bigger help! She has been working on keeping the database of users going and been trying to make tweepl lists going and getting rss feeds set up for people to follow everyone. She has been trying to event games to help out the participants that haven’t received very many comments. And while doing all this she has been trying to do her 31 day challenges, and if you are like me you are just struggling to keep up with those, let alone doing everything else she is doing!

As you can see she is one amazing woman and I wanted to send out a wonderful big thank you to Erin! So please join me in a big BIG THANK YOU to erin! Please let her know how wonderful she is in the comments because she has to see them all anyways, because she decided I should be blog of the day for her new game and she will get to read them all!!



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