30 Day Get Moving Challenge #PSGetMoving


One of the best ways to build a habit is to do it for 30 days straight. In January we had the 30 day Water Challenge. This month we will be focusing on getting moving with the 30 day Get Moving Challenge. The 30 day Get Moving Challenge is more than just a 30 day fitness challenge, it’s a challenge that anyone at any fitness level can do. The 30 Day Get Moving Challenge is really all about getting active!

Why I’m Doing the 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

As I’ve switched to being a work at home mom I have found that I rarely get the activity that I need. My goal is to start making sure that I’m active at least 20 minutes everyday. 20 minutes may not seem like a lot, but I’m starting out slow and going to build from there.

What is the 30 Day Get Moving Challenge?

The 30 day Get Moving Challenge is a challenge you can build how you want to. You make your goal that you want to achieve every day. You can do cardio, strength training or just go for a walk. But the idea is to add some activity to each day for the 30 days.

You can measure by steps and use your favorite pedometer or you can measure it by minutes and do scheduled workouts. You tell us what your goals are and we will cheer you on!

This challenge is great because you can change it to your activity level and your skills. Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor before starting this or any new exercise routine.

What if I Miss A Day?

That’s okay just double your activity the next day and make it up.

Let’s Encourage Each Other!

With Facebook Group:

  • Official daily check ins
  • Encouraging quotes and photos
  • Reminders throughout the day

Also let’s connect on:

Please Share the Challenge with Others

Feel free and download the banner above. Or use the button below and link it back to this page! The more who join the more fun it will be. Invite your friends so they can help you stay accountable!


Free Printable Tracking Sheet

If you would like a nice tracking sheet, I created this PDF for you to print! You may notice that it has two sheets on one! Because having someone doing it with you is a huge motivation so invite your friend to join you!


Click for Get Moving Challenge Printable PDF

So Are You Ready for the Challenge? Join the Facebook Group: PS Challenges

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