[Tweet “I just joined the #64ozchallenge w/ @unicornbeauty! Come join me in the Drink Your Water Challenge http://bit.ly/64ozchallenge”]

Time for the summer version of the 30 Day Water Challenge of 2015! The #64ozchallenge is one of my favorite challenge and a favorite of my friends and readers! This January I have had a few friends asking to start up the water challenge again! So we are starting it right now!!

Water helps you with an energy boost, appetite control, and just make you feel great. So let’s work on challenging ourselves to stay hydrated throughout the day.

What is the 30 Day Water Challenge?

The 30 day water challenge is to drink 64 ounces every day. The challenge will start on Monday, Jan 1st, but you can jump in at anytime!!

What others have said about the #64ozchallenge?

I hope this 64 oz is more of a habit now. I feel that I should even increase it. But then I’d live in the bathroom lol I feel great. This is the 1st time I’ve stuck to a h2o challenge this long. – @Chasing_Joy

[W]ith the heat, it has not only been healthy, but life saving. My allergies are a lot better too! – @dishwaterdreams

What if I Don’t Get My 64 Ounces One Day?

Just keep going missing out on a couple glasses one day does not mean you are not still working at building your habit. Just start again the next day.

Let’s Encourage Each Other! {NEW Join the Facebook Group!}

With Facebook Group:

  • Find fun water facts each day
  • Official daily check ins
  • Encouraging quotes and photos
  • Reminders throughout the day

Also let’s connect on:

Please Share the Challenge with Others

Feel free and download the banner above. Or use the button below and link it back to this page! The more who join the more fun it will be. Invite your friends so they can help you stay accountable!


Free Printable Tracking Sheet

If you would like a nice tracking sheet, I created this PDF for you to print!


Click for Water Challenge Printable PDF

So Are You Ready for the Challenge?

To participate:

1) Join the Pepper Scraps Challenge Facebook Group

2) Tweet  “Just joined the #64ozchallenge with @unicornbeauty! Come join me! Drink Your Water Challenge http://bit.ly/64ozchallenge”

[Tweet “I just joined the #64ozchallenge w/ @unicornbeauty! Come join me in the Drink Your Water Challenge http://bit.ly/64ozchallenge”]

3) Print out the Water Challenge Tracker (Optional)

(Have a 31 day challenge?? Get the special 31 day sheet here)

Want some Healthy Drink ideas to help you with the 30 Day Water Challenge? Check out my Healthy Drinks Recipes Pinterest Board:

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