4 Android Apps to Help Bloggers

I have a full home screen dedicated to blogging on my tablet. This is where I keep some of my organization apps, but also a few specific apps I use just for blogging.


WordPress has a very basic app that you can use to see your comments, comment back, add or edit posts, and add or edit pages. What’s nice is you can have multiple blogs too.

This is a must-have app if you are blogging on WordPress. If you find yourself stuck at a doctors office or waiting in the car for your kids to be let out of school. You can take some time to write or edit your posts.



One thing I always recommend for a new or experienced blogger is to make sure and setup their Google Reader. This is a way to keep up to date on blogging trends, learn more from professional bloggers, and to keep up with your blogging tribe.

I like Newsrob the best for keeping up with my reader because it will download the feeds onto your device so you don’t have to have an internet connection to read blogs. I love being able to read blogs while my husband is driving!

Another nice feature is when you do have an internet connection and you run into a feed that is only a excerpt then you can click a button you can switch web mode and see the full article.

Thinking Space

When you are either just brainstorming for your blog in general or if you are brainstorming for a specific post then you will enjoy Thinking Space. If you haven’t tried mind mapping for blogging I highly recommend trying it.

How do you start? Find your most popular post and write the title in the center circle. Now start writing ideas on how to go into more details about the post, write down questions you had in your comments, and write ideas you have that for list posts you might be able to make from the post. As you keep writing these ideas around the main circle look and see if you can break off and add more than just one post from a question or an idea. You may be surprised at how many ideas you can get from just one post.

Actually just as I’m writing this post I’m realizing I can break off more ideas for blogging. One example being “How mind mapping can give you 50 ideas!”


You may have seen this app in the organizational apps post, but today I wanted to talk about it again and share how I specifically use it for blogging. This is my favorite blogging idea app! This app has been the quickest and easiest ways for me to “jot” down my ideas.

How to:

I have a note pinned to my blogging home screen that is a checklist. When I come up with an idea for a post I quickly open this note and add new item with my idea on it. This is really great when I’m brainstorming headline ideas while at the doctor’s office also. When I get a chance to sit down to my computer and enter the headlines and ideas into my computer I cross them off my list.


Do you have a favorite app as a blogger? Do you use your phone or a tablet for blogging?



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