4 Reasons the Spiderpodium Tablet is for Moms


Summary: Breffo sent us their Spiderpodium and Spiderpodium Tablet, the cross functional and universal holders for smart phones and devices. Today I will be talking about the Spiderpodium Tablet. I found it a nice tool to have at hand especially for my boys. I loved how I could use it for any of our tablets.


  • Can be used with multiple devices so you don’t have to buy a new one when you upgrade your tablet
  • Can be manipulated to be a stand any way you want, at any angle or tablet orientation
  • Small and easy to carry


  • Takes a little getting used to to manipulate

Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet_2

A Help to Stay Back

Working for an eye doctor I heard the speech over and over on how you need to keep your kids back from their books, homework, video games, and tablets.

It turns out that when we read there is a specific distance that allows your visual system to be as least stressed as possible. To determine your ideal reading distance (Harmon distance), make a fist and hold it to your cheek. The location of your elbow is now at the Harmon distance. – VisionHealth EyeCare

I loved how with the Spiderpodium Tablet I could set up the boys to stay back from their phones easily.

breffo 500

Help Encourage Sharing

Even though we have gotten both boys their own devices they still fight over them. This day their was a fight because Zane was watching LEGO YouTube videos and Zarek wanted to watch too. Zane was huddling his phone so Zarek couldn’t watch. So I grabbed the Breffo and set it up so both boys could watch without touching the tablet.

Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet_2

Help with Learning

We are doing a bit of homeschool during summer, but I’m struggling with Zarek on learning his ABCs. I pulled out the tablet, got YouTube going and set up the Spiderpodium Tablet for Zarek to watch ABC videos. I didn’t have to worry about him getting to close to the tablet as he concentrated because I could easily set his tablet back from him.

breffo 500_1

Quick & Easy in the Purse

Another reason I like the Spiderpodium Tablet is that I can quickly wrap it up and stuff it in my purse. Unlike other stands the Spiderpodium is easy to keep with you. I keep a pretty small purse and you can see the Spiderpodium curls up to being smaller than my sunglasses.

breffo 500_2

When it won’t fit in your purse you can just wrap the arms around your purse strap and you are ready to go.

breffo 500_3

In Car Entertainment

Our children were never lucky enough to be in a car with built in DVD players. But now we can quickly set them up with a cartoon on their tablet and set it up on one of our cars headrests so they can watch it easily and comfortably.

Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet_1


The Spiderpodium Tablet is great for moms! Play with manipulating the legs a bit, because it does take some getting used to to get them just right. But even if your legs don’t look perfect like in Breffo’s photos I promise your tablet is going to be secured and stand great!

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