This is going to be one of my favorite android app posts. Getting healthy has been something I have been working very hard with this year and these apps have been some of the best tools I have had! I’m going to share with you some fitness apps, some food apps, and even an iPhone app that can help you be healthy!

My Fitness Pal

myfitnesspalOne of my all time favorite apps and websites! My Fitness Pal is a social site all about losing weight and being healthy. You set up your account and it gives you a nutrition plan (or you can modify it like I did for my doctors requirements). You then can use the app to enter the food you eat for the day, see how you are doing on calories, fat, protein or any other nutrition you may be tracking.

You can also enter your exercise for the day, water intake or make notes. You can even use the barcode scanner to get your food in your diary which is awesome!

One of the things I love the most about this site though is the community. If you get this app definitely take the time to get on the site make some friends or even get your friends to join you. You then will have a simple feed where you can share how things are going for you today. You can get encouragement when you need some help. Or when you make a goal or lose weight your friends can cheer you on! If you get on the site you have to friend me.

C25K Lite (Couch to 5K)

Couch to 5k

I haven’t gotten to use this app yet, but I’m super excited about finding it! I was just thinking to myself that I wanted to start jogging, but getting myself to start was going to be the hard part. Then I found this app.

This app will help you go through a 9 week plan to help you starting jogging. This is the lite version which lets you have all 9 weeks on the plan, you just have to make sure the program is the front running to use it. If you are a real music person you may want to invest in the Pro Version.

Squats, Sit Ups, Push Ups, & Pull Up Series


This is actually a series of apps that you can get for your devices. Each one focusing on a different exercise. This is basically an app to help you build your endurance on each exercise. You tell the app how many squats you can do and how many squats you wish you could do. The app will then work with you each day to keep raising the number of reps you can do.

Daily Abs, Daily Butt, Daily Arms, Daily Cardio Workout Series

Daily Ab Workout

I have the arms version of this app and now that I know they have a cardio I’m going to have to download that one also. I love these they are very simple. They give you about 10 exercises and you run through them in about 5 minutes. This is a quick and easy way to get your exercise in when you are on a time crunch.  They show you a video of each exercise, which helps me as I don’t know the names of all the exercises.

I do need to get heavier weights now though as the arm one is getting too easy with my current weights.

Workout Trainer


Workout Trainer

This app offers you a long list of workout videos to workout with on your device. The free version has a large selection, but you can also see that there is even more with the paid version.

Okay I’ve done one workout with this app and I have to say that this is not a beginner app. I did a low intensity workout and could only make it half way through. But I’m still working on my endurance.

If you are just starting out working I would maybe not choose this as your first workout app, but if you are in shape or working on it like me definitely get it!

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ

As I have mentioned before one of the things I struggle with the most is menu planning and grocery shopping. This is a big deal when you are trying to eat healthy. If I don’t get to the grocery store we either end up eating out too much or get frustrated with my diet and start making bad choices.

This is a great grocery shopping app. You can put food in by typing or by voice. You can make a favorites list which is where I keep my master grocery list to easily add things to the list. You can also enter how much each item is and this can help you stay on your budget or help you remember what a good price on an item might be.

For iPhone Users: Nike Training Club

On twitter I got a great app suggestion from @CatBTan: Nike Training Club. Too bad this app is for iPhone users only because it looks awesome. I wanted to suggest for those of you with iPhones but also maybe we can let Nike know that they should create a Android version of this app also.


If you are on the way to getting healthy or just trying to keep yourself healthy these apps are great tools. They have really helped me along the way and I hope that they will help you too.

Do you have a favorite app not listed here I would love to hear about it and try it out?

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Pepper Ferguson

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