I’m addicted to my android devices! I have a Samsung phone which I won’t name because it’s not my favorite and I’m waiting for a new one to come on the market to replace it. But I also have an Acer Iconia Tablet that I adore.

I’m constantly downloading apps and playing with them and I thought I would share some of my favorites. After starting writing this post I realized I was going to need to make this a series! In this first post I will be giving you a list of must have android apps.

Advance Task Killer

When I first got my phone I really needed this little guy. But doing some research for this article I found out that I don’t need him anymore and he may be hurting my phone and tab. I was chatting with some people on google+ and got some great information on this:

“… don’t use them on ANY android OS 2.2 or up, you can on Android 1.5 and earlier … I mean, you can use them on 2.2 and up but it’ll just argue with Android’s built-in task manager and could drain battery even faster.” – Randall Hanley

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is great because they offer a free app every day. Some days are okay apps, but I have actually gotten a few apps that I almost bought. You do have to follow special instructions to download this app to your phone as it is not available in the market. Learn how to get started.

Or download it via QR code:


Barcode Scanner

On of the greatest things I love about smartphones is that you can use it to scan barcodes. This is great for shopping and price comparisons it’s also great when you see a QR code and want to find out more about it. Or even download apps like the one above!

Ringtone Maker


I’m a true geek I love customizing my phone and one of the first things I do! I liked ringtone maker because it had some great variety and I was able to snip the part of the song I wanted for the ringtone.

FxCamera or Little Photo or Vignette

I’m torn between these photo editors. If you like the photos you see people posting from instagram these are the closest options for editors to make similar photos from an android phone. Have you used one of these are a combination of them? Which is your favorite?


I’m not a huge music person, but even I like Pandora. I think one of the reasons I like it the most is that I can turn it on, choose the genre I’m in the mood for and get some great music. I have found some new music and bands that I would not have found otherwise. So for me I like Pandora.


I will be sharing more apps that I use on my phone and tablet including preschool/kid apps, organization apps, blogging apps, and more. I hope you will join me as we talk about some of the great apps.

What is your favorite android app? What kind of app have you been looking for?

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