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I feel really privileged at being the site of the day for the #31DBBB event. I made a special post for NirvanaMamma, so please make sure and check it out and give her some love.

But she wanted me to get some attention, which is so sweet.

I’m not really a very special blogger, the only thing special about me is that I have been blogging for over 12 years. Longer than even Blogger has been around. This blog is mainly about me and for my boys.

If you want to see a blog with a little more substance check out my blog Unicornbeauty. This is a new blog where you can learn more about blog design.

So you can get a feel for my blog I want to share with you 5 of my Fave Posts.

Look Beyond the Picture - Is all about moms getting in front of the camera. I made it a goal last year to make sure and take pictures of myself even if I hate them. Not for me but for my boys.

Dear Mr. Z - This is a letter that I wrote to my oldest son for his birthday. I hope to make this a tradition on my blog.

Frugal Fruit - I like to share recipes and cooking here on Pepper Scraps. But don’t worry I’m not a cook I’m actually known for my cooking fails. LOL

Late Night & Freebie - I love to share my talents with graphics so sometimes I have free printables. Grab up some mom cards!

Recording my Youth - I’m also trying to switch over to vlogging more than blogging, so if you want to see someone just starting out in vlogging and having some fails I’m perfect for you! This is the first vlog in a series about my youth!

So those are some of my faves. Please make sure and leave a message for NirvanaMamma on the next post too!!

Hope there are no typos, writing quickly on lunch at work. So hope you forgive any mistakes. LOL

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