5 Healthy Food Tips

Day 2 of the Healthy Living and Fitness Blogging Challenge by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader. Today’s prompt was: Share 5 tips to fit fitness into your life. Check out the rest of #fitbloggingchallenge on Pepper Scraps.

Well I’m in a fitness slump right now. Fitness is one of my biggest challenges in my life. So instead of sharing my fitness tips I want to hear your fitness tips. Please share your best tip on how to fit fitness into your life in the comments below.

Today I’m going to be sharing my Best 5 Tips for Healthy Food instead.

Plan Your Meals!

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to plan your meals. You are more likely to overeat and make bad choices when you do eat. When you are starting out you may want to plan all your meals and snacks for the day. But as you start learning how to stock your fridge and have a good list of recipes you can start planning less.

Learn How to Meal Plan in 10 Easy Steps

Have a Back Up Plan

Even the best menu plans can not compete with those days when something disrupts your day or when you just don’t want to cook. Have a back up plan and have a quick and easy options for those days. That way your are less likely to skip a meal or just graze through the day.

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Be Prepared for Eating Out

You know there are going to be times when you will be eating out. A celebration, meeting a friend, or just when you are on the go. The best way to handle this is to be prepared.

Plan #1: Find out where you are going and look up their menu before you get there so you can look up the nutrition on what they are serving.

Plan #2: Have a few restaurants (even fast food) that are close by, that you know you may end up going to, and have a list of items you can order from there.

Check out my Restaurant Rescue Cards for ideas what you can eat under 400 calories at places I love to eat.

Learn Healthy Substitutes for Your Favorite Recipes

We all have favorite comfort foods, and I’m a big believer in not depriving your food cravings. Studies have shown that if you tell yourself a food is off limits you will only crave it that much more. So you can either have a reasonable serving of the food you are craving. But also take some of your favorite foods and find if you can make a substitution that is lighter. You may even find you like the lighter version.

5 Skinny Recipe Substitutions to have on hand when you are cooking and baking.

Measure & Weigh Your Portions

One of the things that really helped me, especially when I started my weight loss journey, was making sure that I weighed and measured all my food. Learning real portion sizes is incredibly hard and you will learn. But always make sure you have a food scale and measuring cups ready when you are cooking.

Those are my top 5 healthy food tips, do you have a healthy food tip?

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