5 Simple Tips For Upgrading Your Cell Phone HTC One M8 vs M9

AT&T was kind enough to let me try out the HTC One M8 (read my review) & HTC One M9 together so that I could compare the two. I need to upgrade phones and I wasn’t sure which phone would be the best for my next upgrade. While I was comparing the phones I wanted to share with you my top 5 simple tips for comparing phones when you are considering upgrading your phone.

HTC One M8 vs M9

HTC One M8 vs M9

Tip #1 – Research multiple phones including newest version and previous versions

When you are looking at a phone don’t fall in love with the first phone in your hand. Go through as many phones as you can. Also don’t just listen to the sales person. Look at the reviews on the web from other customers to professional reviews. Don’t just read one review though, read lots because you will find that every users experience can be different.

Battery Life

Tip #2 – Research the battery life!

The M9 is supposed to have the a bigger battery but I didn’t see much difference in how long the batteries lasted for me. I still ended up having to plug both phones in by the end of the day if I had taken a lot of photos/videos or the screen was on a lot through the day. I personally purchased a battery bank for when I went to events and would be taking lots of photos and video.

HTC One M8 vs M9_3

How Does it Look and Feel

Tip #3 – Feel it in your hand. Does it fit in your hand? Does it feel slippery?

I am in love with the new look and feel of the M9, that alone makes me want to buy it. One of the things that I had problems with with the M7 and the M8 was the bevel on the phone. As you can see in the above photos the M8 has some good dings in the bevel. It came to me that way from a previous reviewer so I know I’m not the only one who was having that trouble.

I also love that with the new bevel on the M9 it is so much easier to hold onto when I’m dealing with my kids. I always have my hands full I need a phone I don’t need to worry about slipping out of my hand.

How are the Photos

Tip #4 – Research the camera!

As a mom photos are incredibly important. You are recording your family memories! Make sure you test out the phones camera and video features. Check out how well they take photos in the store but also go through the reviews and check out the reviewers photos. Consider where you take the most photos. I take a lot of low light photos in my house and when it is overcast.

I was sad that HTC took away Ultrapixel from the main camera. They did switch it to the front camera which may not be a problem for me. I’m finding I’m doing more video with the front camera now with my videos. I know that is not the case for a lot of moms.

I found the M9 camera a little blurry in low light and that was one of the things I loved about my M7 and the M8.  But let’s take a look and compare the photos.

Outside Full Sun M8

The M8 took great outdoor photos in the full sunlight. They were bright and sharp, even with Zarek in full motion.

Outside Full Sun M9

I have no idea why this photo is so warm. I was completely surprised when I compared the two photos. I looked through more of my M9 photos and it does look like the M9 takes warmer photos. Here is another outdoor photo I took with the M9. I do think the M9 took amazing crisp photos with light!

Outside Shade M8

Here is the same day as Zarek on the scooter – but Zane was sitting in the shade. I think these photos are very comparable.

Outside Shade M9

The M9 did pull in more light into the photo, which I personally like. So I do wonder if they did some work on

Inside M8

You can see that Zarek is in motion in this photo. There is a bit of blur from his hand moving, but not bad for low light inside with motion.

Inside M9

Front Photo Inside M8

Okay no editing on these photos so be nice, but I wanted to give you an unedited example of the front camera. You do have the option for Live Makeup, but as you can see I didn’t use it so you could get the full effect of the lens. The image is slightly dark but great detail.

Front Camera Indoors M9

This photo you can see the effect of the Ultrapixel – it is brighter and more true to color. My hair is more pink than purple. But you can also see that there is a bit more degradation in the photo. There is a slight blur effect from the larger pixels.

Comparing Prices

Tip #5 You get what you pay for.

My last tip is to compare the prices but remember you will have this phone at least for one year if not two or three years. Make sure that you invest in a phone that will really work for you. Make a list of things you are not willing to compromise on your phone

The HTC One M8 on AT&T is $669 and the HTC One M9 on AT&T is $709. But both of the HTC One’s are the same amount when you do the 30 month payment plan.

So which HTC One would you go with?

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