Cleaning my Scrapbook Table

I know why I’m avoiding my table it is because it’s a never ending process. No matter how many times or how different ways I explain it to my husband that my desk is not the catch all for anything designated as “Pepper’s Stuff” and that it drives me CRAZY when he piles stuff on my table he still does it. I never have space to do my scrapbooking because the desk is constantly covered in “Pepper’s Stuff”. Even though I have labeled everything excessively TJ swears he has no idea where anything goes.

Grocery Shopping

I never liked grocery shopping. Maybe it has to do with the fact that all my life I have lived on a ver, very tight budget and money is always hard for me to spend. Maybe it’s because I don’t cook. But on top of that I have dealt with a two year old who hates going grocery shopping for more than ten minutes no matter how many mommy tricks I have tried. I’ve tried snacks, toys, magna-doodle, I spy, and so much more. But Zane detests being tied down in a cart even if it’s one of his favorite car carts. So grocery shopping has become an even bigger challenge with two boys in tow.

Restarting my Diet

I was doing really well on my diet until the site I was using went down for construction for a month! Right before Christmas!! Now it is back up but I feel unmotivated because I regained the weight I had lost and I feel like it’s so much work. There grocery lists to make, grocery shopping to do and so much cooking to do. And if you couldn’t tell by my Grocery Shopping list I do not like grocery shopping and/or cooking. I just need a little boost with my motivation. And hopefully tomorrow will be my little boost. I did my wii fitting on Friday and on my weigh in it says I lost 6 lbs since I had last weighed in. I’m hoping tomorrow when I do my wii fitting that that will stay true.

Bible Study Homework

I will be honest this session of bible study just hasn’t been that inspiring for me. I don’t know if it me or the passages we are studying. I should really just get started doing this weeks study and see if it is getting better. The one hard thing about studying a book of the bible is to get through the dry parts and get to the good stuff. I feel bad because the ladies at the church created this study and a book to go along with it and I love these ladies. So I should just try harder and see if it is just me.

The Bracelet

I don’t know why this happens it’s just something about my personality. When I have to get something done that’s when I don’t want to get it done. I promised to make this bracelet for her a friend and I have it half way done and I hate myself for not just finishing it It’s not going to be hard, it’s not going to take a ton of time. I just find myself not doing it. Which I have to say is horribly embarrasing and frustrating at the same time. I have excuses but I shouldn’t make excuses I should just go and do it!!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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