The #64ozchallenge is about to start! Here are a few tools you may want in your house before you start the #64ozchallenge.

Water is something that a lot of people struggle with even though they know that getting in their recommended daily amount of water can make a huge change in their lives. Water can help you lose weight, boost your immunity, give you more energy, clear up your skin and even more. But how do you get your daily water? Well a good place to start is to get the tools you need and put them to use. Here are 5 tools that can help you drink more water every day.

Water Cups or Bottles

I love using insulated cups with straws for my water. I can take them anywhere with me, so I always have it available to take a sip. But also I can measure my water intake better.



Straws help you drink more because you can’t exactly see how much you are drinking.

A Pitcher

If you know you are going to be hanging out at home all day have a pitcher filled up in the fridge with your 64 ounces of water. That way you can actually see your progress. Your water will be nice and cool for you also!

Flavored Water Enhancers

Let’s just face it switching to straight water is hard and sometimes impossible for people. I know someone who literally gags if she tries drinking straight water. But even if she adds just a little flavor to the water she is fine. So if you just can’t get straight water down don’t punish yourself. Try using a flavored water enhancer.

I personally like these better because I can add just a little flavor to my water it doesn’t become overwhelming like the single server flavor packets can be. Also you can slowly wean yourself off full flavor by just adding a little less flavor each time.

Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables


Sometimes you want to stay away from artificial sweeteners, you can still add flavor to your water by adding sliced fruit, vegetables, or even herbs. You can them straight in and enjoy or you can soak them overnight for an even stronger flavor. Some of my favorite things to add include lemon, lime, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, mint or even cilantro

An Alarm or An App

One of the best ways to make sure you are getting enough water through the day is to know how much you should have drank by when. You know you should have 16 ounces drank by 9:00am, 32 ounces drank by Noon, 48 ounces by 3:00PM, and you will be finished with all your water by 6:00PM. Of course you could change the times to fit better into your day and your schedule.

Set an alarm on your phone to go off at each of these times and drink your water when the alarm goes off.

If you want an easier system find an app that will automatically send you reminders to drink your water.

Daily Water (iOS App)

Daily Water

Drinking Water (Android App)

Drinking Water

A Friend or Group

Friends make everything easier! You are able to say your goals and plans out loud (which really does make a difference), you have someone to keep you accountable, but also it makes you feel like you can’t let them down by not hitting those goals.

The #64ozchallenge is going to be a great way to connect with others and help you make and meet your goals on drinking more water. So definitely sign up and join the challenge!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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