This is my first 7 quick takes friday, not sure about the rules so hopefully I’m doing it right! 7 Quick Takes Friday is brought to you by Conversion Diary.

¯`°º·¤ 1 ¤·º°´¯

I made a decision to organize 1 thing every day I have off during the week.  Some of the things are big some are small. Some examples are my bookshelf, my computer area, my kids sippy cup cupboard, my calendar, the dreaded junk drawer, my bookmarks, and more. So far so good, day one done. LOL We’ll see how long this lasts, hopefully at some point my list will be empty. Oh wait my laundry is on list, it will be never ending.

¯`°º·¤ 2 ¤·º°´¯

Today we bought brooms for the boy – they were a big hit.


Zarek is a little cleaning machine and we were tired of fighting him for the broom.


Zane cleaning up “garbage”


Do you think he would be upset if I threw away his “garbage”?

¯`°º·¤ 3 ¤·º°´¯

And this is what happens when I wake Zaney up from his nap.


1 hour of crying down 1 hour to go. I’m sure you envy me. LOL His sleeping problems could be a whole post in it’s own. Poor little man.

¯`°º·¤ 4 ¤·º°´¯

My birthday is in 2 months and I’m turning 31, wow, 31. This last month I keep seeing the ages of my patients on their chart and realizing I was off ten years, I’m starting to feel old. Maybe I should just concentrate on my birthday wishlist. Though there really isn’t much I want.

¯`°º·¤ 5 ¤·º°´¯

Jennifer asked what we were reading, so here is my current list:

The Quickstart Visual Guide to Photoshop CS4

Digital Classroom: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium

The Missing Manual: CSS

Yep I’m working on learning more for my business. I wish I was reading a nice fantasy book, but I just don’t have the time, I barely have the time to read these.

Speaking of time I’m super excited I won a book today: 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam Which if you remember from #1 I’m trying to become more organized and this is going to be great for that!

¯`°º·¤ 6 ¤·º°´¯

I’m teaching Zane to recognize letters right now. He’s good at his ABCs has been for a long time, but now we are starting to work on recognizing them. He can recognize about 10 out of 26 uppercase letters. Tried teaching him how to write something, that was not so good. Not sure how to make him hold his crayon right. Any suggestions out there?

¯`°º·¤ 7 ¤·º°´¯

If I started reviewing blog designs for people, would you be interested in getting your blog design reviewed. I’ve been thinking about this, this used to a huge thing when blogs were more personal. But now that we okay you are using your blogs to make money it seems like it should be more popular now. To have an outside person come in and take a look at your blog and give you real input.

Well anyways that was my 7 Quick Takes I hope you enjoyed!

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