If you love to read then you love your phone or your tablet, because you can carry your books, articles, magazines right with you anywhere. Here are some of the top android ebook readers, pdf readers, rss feed readers and more.



Let’s face it if you have any device you should have this app! What’s great is there are hundreds of free books. Now if you are a very strong critic you may want to stick with the paid books as the free ones can be lacking. But if you watch even some of your favorite authors may offer their books free sometimes. You can also get pretty much any book on kindle and for usually a very reasonable price.

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If you have a nook and have purchased books on NOOK you will want to grab up this app to have them available to you. I personally have been an android kindle fan so haven’t tried this app out.

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Audible for Android

So technically you are not “reading” the book with this app, but if you love books then you will enjoy this app. Especially if you have a long commute or work where you can listen to music or books. This is one of the Android Dad’s favorite apps.

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If you love to keep lists of books you have read, want to read, or share the books you are reading with friends this is a must have app. You can use Goodreads on your phone or online. It’s a great place to also read reviews on books and find new books to read next.

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Always have your Bible in your pocket. YouVersion has created one of the most popular Bible apps. You can read in dozens of languages and hundreds of versions. You can also get a daily verse or have a bible study set up right in the app for you. You can also highlight passages and make notes for yourself. This is a very powerful Bible right on your device.

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If you are always finding great articles online but don’t have time to read them, Pocket may be a solution for you. You can even add the extension to your browser and save articles to read later on your tablet or phone.

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Wattpad is a very interesting app, you can get lots of public domain stories to read or you can find new books written by authors just starting out. Read their stories as they write them or find completed works and read those.

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Feedly Reader

Feedly was one of the rss readers that took over when Google closed down Google Reader. If you are a blog reader the feedly app is great for subscribing to rss feeds. You can also sync the app with their online version, so you can read your articles on your computer or your device.

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ezPDF Reader – Multimedia PDF($3.99)

If you download a lot of pdfs to read I would recommend this PDF reader. You can use Kindle to read PDFs but with a dedicated PDF reader you will not have to reopen your book each time you download a PDF to read.

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