9 Awesome Gifts Under$99 for Tech Savvy Fathers

Father’s Day is coming up, time to start finding gift ideas for your husband or dad. If the dad in your life is anything like TJ then he loves tech gifts. I wanted to share this really awesome list of great tech gift ideas for fathers that AT&T shared with me! We will also be sharing a review of the LG G Watch with you soon that we received for sharing this list so watch out for that.

AT&T retail stores are offering a variety of gadgets under $100 that make great gift ideas for Father’s Day (and graduation).

Gifts For the Dad Who Wants a Smartwatch

Lots of guys are coveting the smartwatches that are becoming popular. Check out these three options for smartwatches that are under $99:


LG G Watch R

Samsung Gear Fit


Samsung Gear S 

(Does require a 2 year contract for special price)

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves His Audio

Do you have a guy that loves music or podcasts? Check out these great gifts just for him! If you get him the Bluetooth headset consider making him an easy DIY duct tape earbud case for them.

Boom Swimmer Blue

2 Boom Swimmer Speakers


Braven BRV-1

Motorola Sliver II

Moto Silver II Headset

Gifts For the Dad Who Loves Gadgets

If you have a guy that has just about everything these are some great unique ideas to consider buying him this year.


Backbeat Fit Headphones


HTC Re Camera

iFrogz 7800mAh

2 IFrogz Portable Charger

Find your local AT&T retail store to be able to catch these awesome deals. I hope this list gave a few fun ideas for your tech savvy dad in your life!

What are you getting your Dad this year?


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