A Craft a Day: F is for Fish

This is the week that got interrupted with illness but we really did have fun doing these crafts. Besides doing the crafts the boys got to go fishing a few time this week. Once down by the river where my husband grew up and once at a stocked fish pond that I went to when I was little.



If you are new to A Craft a Day

A Craft a Day gives you five activities that you can enjoy with your kids, one for each day of the week.  Most of these activities work well for preschoolers, but you may be able to adapt them for your toddler. If you want to learn more about the basics of A Craft A Day you can find them at a Craft a Day: Coming Back Soon. I will post the crafts on Saturdays so you can use the weekend to get any supplies that you may need. We are making our way through the alphabet this year so if you missed a you can find it here.

Are you Supermom?

Now I’m not supermom and I don’t expect you to be either. We don’t always get to each activity, sometimes life is just too busy. Hopefully you may try one or two of these activities with me and my kids! You don’t have to do every single one. You don’t have to be doing preschool with your child. I just hope to give you a resource for some great fun with your kids!

The Crafts:

  • School of Fish – These turned out pretty cool even though my apricots weren’t shaped perfect like theirs. Plus I lost the photos of us making them!
  • Good Luck Goldfish – I was a little skeptical about this working, but it worked so well I’m going to have to do more plastic wrap and Elmer’s Glue crafts!



  • Sun Catcher Aquarium – This was basically like the fish, but then we decorated the aquarium after it dried with fish and sea shell stickers.
  • Foam Fishing Set – This was a huge hit with Zane as he is just learning to fish with his daddy and is now obsessed. With this set he can now fish whenever he wants!

see my fish

Supplies: dried apricots, cream cheese, pretzels, chocolate chips, tissue paper, Elmer’s Glue, plastic wrap, goldfish template, scissors, construction paper, fish and shell stickers, dowel, yarn, strong magnet, craft foam, paperclips, glue dots, google eyes

Be Featured

If you do any of these crafts and happen to take a picture or write a blog post about it please make sure and share your link in the comments. Also don’t forget to link the original crafter! I may feature you and your blog  on the following weeks post!

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