A Craft a Day: No Crafts just Cheap Fun

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This week Daddy was on vacation, so crafts were not on the top of our list. This week was more about the things we could do without spending too much money. As I’m sure everyone is dealing with we have gone a little over budget and the timing wasn’t perfect as it was the week of my husbands vacation that we became a little short. But that’s okay we still made due with what we had and had some fun. This week I won’t be talking about Crafts but about inexpensive things you can do with your kids while on vacation or when you have a family day.


Have a Potluck Party with Friends


My birthday was last week and to celebrate we ended up just having a few friends over. It’s been a long time since we have had friends over so the boys were so excited to see their “aunties” and “uncles”. We enjoyed the warm summer evening after the boys went down and played a board game. We used to have friends over almost monthly long ago. I think we will have to start a game night with our friends and just schedule it!

Go to a Good Park!

sneaking across when no one was looking

My husband did a little research and found a park (Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon) that had tons of fun things for us to do. So we packed a picnic lunch, ended up forgetting it and ran to Walmart bought some Uncrustables, chips and Koolaid Squeeze Pops for the boys and got ourselves sandwiches at Subway. We had to pay $5 parking at the park, but it was so worth it. The park had play structures, fishing, a sprinkler water play area, and a lovely exploring garden which the boys only had time to glance at as the day was coming to an end. We had so much fun and will be putting this park on our day trip list for sure!

A Day in the Backyard!


One day my husband took the boys on a walk to the store for donuts for breakfast and to the park to play off the sugar while I had a conference call with a client. Then we spent the day filling up the pool in the backyard and just enjoying the sunshine. Sometimes just staying home is so much more enjoyable than getting all your stuff together and throwing the kids in the car for a long tiring drive.

Visit the Local Zoo!


This one cost us a bit though we saved a little money by leaving the zoo to eat and coming back with our hand stamps. We may have paid close to the same amount for the food, but their was more food and when you are doing that much walking it was worth it. Plus when we got back we got a better parking spot! Plus the boys don’t get to go to the Oregon Zoo very much, so this was a big treat. I was torn between the Oregon Zoo, Portland Children’s Museum, and OMSI. But with the perfect zoo weather we had to be outside!

Going to the Beach


This is our favorite trip of all. We made it through the week with a tight budget so the beach was a little bit more of a splurge (but not much thanks to a blown tire). We love going to Seaside, OR. I love it because I’m just not a sand person and the beaches in Oregon aren’t really about swimming and water. But Seaside is great because you have the aquarium, the boardwalk, the┬ácarousel, and the arcade. Oh and you can’t forget the candy shops and toy store too!

Fishing at a Stocked Pond DSCN1193_1

The most recent activity my boys have gotten into is fishing. Zane loves fishing and has already caught three fish this summer. Zarek likes getting into the action too, though its just safer to not put a hook on his pole! The boys have been enjoying going to Small Fry Lake. I didn’t get to go with the boys this time round (darn work), but my mom did and they had a blast!

What do you do when you are a little short on money but want to have some family fun?