We were contacted by the US Family Guide try out the Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train ride with the Mount Hood Railroad . We received tickets for free so we could share our experience with you.

The Train Depot

dinosaur train

At the train depot we got our tickets and some great masks that we got for a dollar. We found a few fun places set up around the depot to take great pictures. The wait actually went by fast as we took a few photos and looked through our goody bags. Then it was time to get “All Aboard!”

The Train Ride

dinosaur train_1

They had decorated the inside of the train and the attendants were dressed up and ready for the fun. It was fun watching them enjoy the ride, sing the songs with us and help us all along the way.

dinosaur train_2

This was our boys first train ride, the scenery was beautiful and there was always something fun going on. We sang songs, got our tickets punched after we gave our dinosaur roar, and we even did the dinosaur stomp while the train stopped for a few minutes.

dinosaur train_3

We were also given snacks and a fruit juice while on the train. The train ride was about 30 minutes long. We went out about 15 minutes and then headed back to the Adventure Park which was located next to the depot.

The Adventure Park

dinosaur train_4

Once we arrived at the Adventure Park it was time to do our four challenges to earn our official Nature Tracker Badges. We had to identify tracks and check out the club house where we got tattoos and coloring sheets.

dinosaur train_7

We also got to dig up dinosaur bones and we got to find fossils (we even got to keep two).

dinosaur train_5

dinosaur train_6

We earned all our stamps on our Adventure Card and got our badges.

dinosaur train_8

There was other fun activities at the Adventure Park including a bouncy house and a magic show by the paleontologist magician.

Great Time!

Overall we had a great time, their was so much fun going on all the time. The adventure was well put together and planned, we had so much fun. We would highly recommend doing a train ride with the Mt Hood Railroad!


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