I have been thinking all week that I really wanted to post some cute and clever for the little party over at We Are THAT Family. But I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. Then I realized I love to laugh at my silly posts on facebook about the boys and those stories led me to think of some of the funny little quirky things that are in our house that are so embarrassing I hate to share them. But those are the things that make us US. And you know what we are THAT family.

The other day I was on my computer while I let Zarek play on the floor. Zane was upstairs taking his “nap”. Then I heard the telltale smacking sound that means Zarek has found something to put in his mouth. First thing that comes to mind is paper. This little boy is addicted to paper, I must say. As I pick him up I see neon red drool dripping down his chin. Good thing Play-Doh is non-toxic. Zane had left (another) treat for Zarek on the floor. Read a previous post about some of the other fun presents Zarek has found.

Then there is our current sleeping arrangements for the boys. This is slightly embarrassing. Zarek is sleeping in the guest bathroom. He’s in a bassinet. I was finding having him in our room I would jump up and run to his side every time he made a noise or moved. But I’m just not ready to put him in his crib yet. To be fairly honest I just don’t know how to get both boys to sleep in the same room.

And then there is poor Zane. His bed fell apart the other night and I’m not quite sure what he has done with the screw that holds it together. Now I have a beautiful crib not being used, a toddler bed in pieces with no mattress, and a mattress on the floor for Zane to sleep on. Sigh.

Now I need to go to facebook and see if anybody has a twin mattress they are not using.

Oh and if you are a mommy any advice on my previous post on discipline is most appreciated!!

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