Zane has been being proving the meaning of being two to me. Tonight he tired me out so much that I couldn’t even muster the strength to fight with him to go to bed. I sat and listened to him play at the top of the stairs as I tried to wind down from a day at work, going to church (struggling to drag him along) for a meeting, and meeting with my neighbors and police about the nightly eggings.

Finally calmed down a bit I started to consider trying to put him back in his bed. He called down to me, “Potty.” I called back, “You don’t go potty.” We haven’t started potty training yet. (I have it on my schedule to try after helping at the vbs and when I have at least twwo days off in a row.) I have been talking to him about putting his diapers in the garbage and him going potty in the potty like a big boy.

As I walked half way up the stairs he pulled down his pants and there was no diaper. He says, “Go Potty.” So I decided okay we will try this. I went downstairs grabbed one of the ikea potties we have bought for the scheduled training. I brought it up to him and he pulled his pants down and sat. Wow he may actually do this. We sat there a bit, I sang silly potty songs as we waited. I stopped singing and he asked for more potty songs. He was really enjoying it. And I was too, he was being quiet and sweet and I enjoyed the little time with him. No pee pee went in the potty but he enjoyed it and I figure that’s a start.

I pulled a pull up on him and took him to his room and read him a book. I sat him in his bed and I was asking him if he wanted his lamp on so he could look at his book as he fell asleep. (He’s going to be an avid reader you can jsut tell.) He pulled one of the many blankets on his bed up and said, “Baby Zarek.” I told him, “Yes that is a baby Zarek blankey.” “No Baby Zarek,” and he handed me the blanket. He wanted to make sure his baby brother got his blanket. That warmed my heart and made up for all the “mines” and “nos” I have been getting all week from him. It’s in those moments I enjoy being mommy the most.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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