Back to School Kindergarten review organized

Zane and Zarek are doing summer school! Zane is doing Kindergarten catch up & review, while Zarek is doing preschool home school. Wilson Jones was kind enough to send us a few supplies to get our summer school organized! They sent us  Heavy Duty Binders for our “project books” and we also got Ultra Duty Binders, zipper pouches and dividers to organize extra activities.

Why Do a Kindergarten Review?

After some of the struggles Zane was having with Kindergarten I decided to set aside homework during the year. Our goal with Kindergarten wasn’t academics but learning to enjoy school and learning how to handle being in a busy classroom and learn. Because I set academics aside Zane had a few things that he was going to need to work on this summer. I know how he learns and have experience doing home school with him, so that was fine.

H is for Hat

Project Books for Kindergarten Review

We needed to work on reading and writing this summer. Zane loves doing projects ever since he did his Kindergarten Frog Project. I created a “project book” for him to practice his writing this summer. I tried finding writing prompts for him that I thought he might like, but decided to create my own. Which I’m offering for you to print for free!


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There are 27 pages, a front page and a page for each letter in the alphabet. Each letter page says “__ is for…”, a drawing area and handwriting lines. Everyday Zane gets to pick what the “Letter of the Day” is for then gets to draw and color a picture. While he is drawing and coloring he has to think of his sentence for his drawing. He then has to write his sentence.

He doesn’t even realize he is doing homework!

Zarek Color

Project Books for Preschoolers

Zarek of course couldn’t be left out! For his book we used the same cover but instead of the writing pages I created for Zane we are using some downloadable coloring sheets. I did not create sheets for him as I have a list of favorite premade coloring pages already for him.

My Faves:

ACCO Binders

How to Organize your Project Books

Pick the Right Binder

With each project book I picked a heavy duty binder. That’s one reason I have loved using the Wilson Jones binders. They are a PVC Free, polypropylene material which makes them extra durable (it’s safer for the environment as well). The binders also have a an extra durable hinge, so I feel comfortable letting the boys get them off the book shelves by themselves and don’t stress when they drop them.

The binders also have a slip in cover so the boys can just slip in their cover sheets that they created. They can also slip their uncolored project sheets in the front pockets in the binder, making it easy for them to grab.

ACCO Binders_4

All Your Supplies in One Place

I also have a pencil pouch in the front of each book that holds everything they need for their sheets. Zane’s pouch has a pencil, colored pencils, coloring pens, and a small bingo chip he uses to make his spaces between his words. Zarek’s pouch just has his crayons in it, but it still makes it easy to pull out and be ready.

Having the supplies in one spot ensures we aren’t running around for 20 minutes trying to collect all our supplies.

You can find Wilson Jones products found at your favorite local stores. Or if you are purchasing online you can purchase them through my Recommendation Store which supports Pepper Scraps.

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