Back to School Lunch Bag with PlanetBox

Back to School Lunches with PlanetBox

PlanetBox sent me one of their Shuttle Lunch Sets to review and use for Zane’s bento lunches. I will be doing a post series about the different healthy lunches I’m packing Zane as he goes back to school.
Planet Box_3

As we go into the next stage of Zane going to full day I knew I wanted to make him bentos for his lunches. I have made bentos for him in the past for lunchtime. But now he will be taking lunches to school this year!

How Much Food Fits

The shuttle holds about 3 cups of food. If you are packing a bento you usually tuck in the food pretty tight this is going to be a great amount for a young grade schooler. Actually it’s even a great size for me.

Planet Box_1

Easy to Clean

One of my concerns with boxes with dividers is how easy is it to clean. I was happy to see that the PlanetBox was dishwasher safe. I dropped it in the dishwasher after using it and loved how clean it got!

Planet Box_4

Choose Your Design

The PlanetBox Shuttle has four different styles available. With each design you can get a set of magnets and a matching bag.

What I really liked about the magnets and bags was if you have a boy and a girl you can easily do a hand me down by changing out the bag and magnets. You aren’t stuck with one theme for your PlanetBox.

Planet Box_3


I love the PlanetBox Shuttle. It will definitly be one of our go to lunchboxes for Zane. If you are interested in more information about healthy lunches and snacks I will be doing a Live Event on Google+ talking about my plans for Zane’s lunches as he goes off to school. I hope you will join me:

Healthy Back to School Lunches & Snacks Live On Air Event




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