As you go about your workout and diet program, one issue that may arise at one point or another that definitely throws a big kink into your plans is the fitness plateau.  You were seeing great weight loss up until this point, but all of a sudden, that progress has come to a halt.

Frustrated, you think about just throwing in the towel altogether, chalking it up to the fact that you just weren’t meant to get down to your dream weight.

But, before you’re too quick to do this, there are a few other possibilities that you should keep in mind for ways that you can perhaps get past this plateau and back on the road to success.

Let’s take a quick look at what these methods are so that you can be sure to give it a full effort.

Start A New Workout

The very first way that you can work to beat a fitness plateau is simply by trying out a new workout program.  Remember, after so long on any given workout program, your body will have adapted and will no longer see a reason to change.

When it can comfortably handle whatever it is that you’re trying to throw at it, you aren’t going to be moving any closer to your goal body weight.

Instead, shake it up. Try some new exercises, join a new workout class, or start a brand new weight lifting program altogether. Just do something different and you will be amazed at what this does to your end result.

Re-Calculate Your Calorie Intake

Second, the next important step that you must take if you have hit a weight loss plateau is to take a very good and honest evaluation of your calorie intake.

Are you eating a few more calories than you should? Do you nibble on some chips while you prepare supper but then forget to add those to your total daily calorie intake?

If you aren’t totalling your calorie intake correctly and are actually eating 200-400 more than you think each day, this will certainly hinder your fat loss progress.

Remember, success at weight loss does come down to burning off more calories than you consume so if you’re misjudging how many calories you’re consuming, this will set you up for a plateau.

Take a good honest assessment and see if you are making a few errors you should be accounting for.

Consider A Diet Break

If after that assessment you come to find that you are actually eating a very low calorie intake but weight loss has still stalled, then it’s time to consider a diet break.  Sometimes what you need is to give your body a break from the rigors of the diet altogether, allowing it to recharge its metabolism so that it’s running top-speed again.

Since the metabolism does tend to slow down after so long on any diet program, sometimes a diet break can be just the thing to get fat loss moving again.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a few days off your diet, now’s the time to take them.  Take 3-5 days off and eat whatever you want, still aiming to be healthy.

Then get right back on your diet and more often than not, you’ll find weight loss picks back up again.

So there you have the top tips to remember about beating a weight loss plateau. If you can be sure to try these out before you choose to throw in the towel, you’ll find that you get right back on track to striving to reach that goal weight again.

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