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Summary: AT&T gave us a one month trial to Beats Music. Beats Music has made what may be the most beautiful streaming music service for mobile devices.

Beautiful user interface
A great deal for families
Unlimited streaming with no commercials

Just another streaming music service

The Android Dad’s Review:

I spent a month using the Beats music service. The overall experience with Beats was very good. Beats has made what may be the most beautiful streaming music service for mobile devices.

The folks over at Beats Music obviously spent a great deal of time making a gorgeous user interface for Android devices. Not only is Beats music the best looking music app I have yet seen on Android it is one of the best looking apps in general. In addition to looking good I found the interface to be very easy to use.

For those on AT&T Beats music has a fantastic deal. The regular monthly subscription is $9.99 but families on AT&T can get service for upto five people for just $14.99 a month. With the family plan Beats may be the best music streaming deal on the market.

Like Spotify and Rdio Beats music give you unlimited streaming of all 20 million tracks in their catalogue.

I really have nothing bad to say about Beats music aside from there not being any thing to make it stand out from its competitors. The music selection on Beats was very good as was the sound quality. The music catalogue is pretty much the same as what you will find on any of the streaming services. Beats was pinning their hopes on their ability to have better music curation than the competition but in my experience I didn’t find anything that felt superior to other services on the market.

In the end I think that the streaming music market is becoming a commodity that isn’t likely to have any services that stand out of the crowd. That said if you are looking for a streaming music service or are on AT&T and can take advantage of the family plan you should definitely try Beats Music.

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