It’s amazing how you become a morning person when you have children. As much as we have tried with Zane to get him to wake up a little later he always wakes up early. Which was fine when he was in his crib, but now that he is in his big boy bed he comes out to see us as soon as he is awake.

But I’m learning what a special time this is. Ussually Zarek wakes up about this time also for his morning feeding. So I will be feeding as Zane pops his head out looking for permission to leave his room. I’ll call out to him and he will come right into our room.

Sometimes he will go to TJ’s side of the bed and take Daddy up on his offer of snuggles. But if he is truly wide awake and wants no snuggles we will turn on cartoons for him. I have so been enjoying feeding Zarek while watching Zaney play and watch cartoons while TJ snores. It’s an amazing feeling with the whole family just enjoying being in the same room.

It will be sad when these times start to be overtaken with the morning rush of getting everyone ready to get out the door to go to daycare and work.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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