Last year I did a series sharing the weekly themed bentos. This year I’m taking a more relaxed route on our fun lunches and making only a few bentos each week. I will probably still do weekly themes as that is a way for me to think up ideas.

This year though you will also get to watch videos on how I create some of the boys bentos! If you want to see the videos right away I recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel as they will be up there first.

Ingredients & Supplies:

Sliced Cheese
Carrots (or your child’s favorite vegetable)
Cream Cheese
Silicone cups
Letter cookie cutters
Star (or Heart) cookie cutter
Fun cupcake picks
Lunch box (I use Ziploc)

Step by Step

  1. Add vegetable
  2. Skewer grapes onto picks
  3. Add grapes and skewered grapes
  4. Place four silicone cups into largest part of lunch box
  5. Add crackers into 2 cups
  6. Cut cheese into small pieces
  7. Add cheese to the empty cups
  8. Cut out letters and star shape from cheese slice
  9. Use cream cheese as glue place each letter on top of each cup

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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