amy lupold bair

Amy Lupold Bair

Who has not heard of Amy, maybe you know her as ResourcefulMommy? I don’t follow her blog much been there a few times to sign up for a party, but I know her well from twitter. She is the lady to follow if you like a good Twitter Party! You will find her hosting some of the biggest and best Twitter Parties on Twitter.

After looking over her blog I asked myself, why am I not following her blog. is her personal blog but it is filled with fun, smiles, and life at its best.

 Here you will find the heart of a mother, the voice of an author, and the feedback of a savvy and enthusiastic consumer with a home to run and two fabulous children to raise…all while developing a flourishing business.

If you are looking for someone who is a true social media guru then Amy is the person to follow.

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Now that you have learned a little about Amy please make sure and follow his blogs and other social networks.

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I will be sharing a new blogger with your next week. But I would love your input in the comments. What bloggers do you look up to and subscribe to? Is there someone you would like me to feature?

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