Last week I started this really fun series, if you missed the first featured blogger you have to check out Amy Lynn Andrews. In this series I’m sharing some of the great blogs and bloggers on the internet that you should really follow. Especially if you are learning and striving to become a blogger. I recommend not only following their blogs but also check out their other networking profiles.

Nicholas Cardot

I was already to feature another blogger this week when Nicholas popped up  and was chatting with me on twitter about all things potty training. This is a great example of how to endure your readers to you, chat with them about more than you niche, chat with them about the everyday! To show that I appreciated the little chat I put off then scheduled post and bumped him up in my list. Yes Nicholas was already on the list!

Nicholas Cardot is the founder of the great blog Site Sketch 101.

 I want to take my years of experience and pour them out so every one of you who has a desire to create amazing, appealing websites or blogs for your church, charity, business or self can get it done. – The Vision and Focus of Site Sketch 101

Nicholas is truly someone I look up to for his inspirational encouragement to bloggers to not let their blogs be mediocre but also to look at them as a piece of art that they are creating. He wants to help you make your blog appealing to your visitors.

Recommended Reads

These are currently some of my favorite reads from Nicholas’ blog.

Where to follow Nicholas

Now that you have learned a little about Nicholas from me please make sure and follow him on his blog and other social networks.

What to expect next week?

I will be sharing a new blogger with your next week. But I would love your input in the comments. What bloggers do you look up to and subscribe to? Is there someone you would like me to feature?

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