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My desk is a complete tip. It’s so bad, in fact, that you’d have to be really observant to be able discern any one single object from the huge mound of discarded post-it notes, unopened letters, toy cars, Chinese calendars and Fulham FC match programmes. But there is one thing – one thing – that stands out from the crowd. One thing that shines like a star through the gloom and dust. One thing that welcomes me to the bombsite rubble of my work station every morning:


Morph was a present from my colleagues for my 25th birthday. They also bought me a bottle of wine and some chocolates, but only Morph lasted longer than a day a week. Only Morph stuck around.

He first rose to fame in a kid’s TV programme in the 70’s. He helped educate the Great British Child on how to draw, nurturing the creative abilities of budding artistic prodigies nationwide for almost 20 years. But celebrity is fleeting – he could only stay on top for so long. By the end of the 1990’s, after a long spell in the limelight, Morph was forgotten – thrown out of the wooden pencil box he called home. From hero, to zero.

But not for me – ever since he arrived on my desk, wedged into a bag between some cherry liqueurs and a bottle of fruity red, Morph has commanded nothing but respect and admiration. That’s why I made him a scarf – I’ve heard London’s harsh winter weather can be quite hard when you’re made of Plasticine.

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