As a toddler mommy I have found that I am very limited when I can get my computer work and my blogging done. We have our desktop in our bedroom which isn’t really completely baby-proofed. Plus Zane and I spend most of our time playing in the living room, bonus room or outside. Currently outside is our most favorite places, so we spend a good amount of time there. The only real computer time I have is when Zane is asleep or when I can get a few hours in while my hubby takes care of him.

On the top five of my lists of things to do once I start getting funding going on my design site is to buy a laptop. But until then I’m going to have to do some of my work away from the computer. I have found some tools that really help me and I would like to share those with you.

While I am hanging out with Zane and watching him play I have three items at hand: a small notebook, a nice pen clipped to it, and a magazine.

I use one side of the notebook to try and jot down at least a page worth of blog ideas. I brainstorm blog titles, subjects, and themes. If I come up with a great idea I will jot a few notes next to it. If I feel really inspired I will find a blank page and start writing. Making a rough draft of thoughts and maybe of the entry.

I use the back side of the notebook to sketch out my ideas. I sketch web design layouts and scrapbook layouts. I put ideas down that I have for titles, web side tables, journaling blocks for scrapbook pages, and so much more. You don’t have to be a good drawer to do this either you are just jotting down basic shapes and ideas. I also right notes on the side pointing to certain items to explain what they are. And if I’m working on a design for a client I can just doodle out my ideas on my downtime.

I use the magazine for inspiration. It can be any kind of magazine. I browse the layouts of the ads, the typography, the articles, and the sidebars.  I look for design elements that I can use for blogging or scrapping. Just the other day jotted down 2 pages of side table layouts I could try and create for layouts from the inspiration of one small health magazine. Some of those I could use a journaling blocks also.

I try and keep my notebook in my purse so if I have some downtime then I can jot ideas. While I’m at a doctors appointment or at my MIL house waiting for dinner to be finished I can pull out the notebook and start writing and sketching. I can also write my to do lists in the notebook so I have it right with me.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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