It’s always fun to come home and hear the stories of the boys’ day. To hear about their adventures or misadventures. But today was just that more special to me.

Zarek has started to climb up the stairs and yesterday we got overly involved with what we were doing. We didn’t realize the gate was open and Zarek had started going up the stairs until we heard him fall down. He luckily didn’t fall that far or get hurt, just a little upset.

But I guess Zane had learned something through this experience. Granny came running when she heard Zane calling for her very urgently. And there he was holding onto Zarek quarter way up the stairs. He was trying to make sure he didn’t fall down again.

Doesn’t that just melt your heart? It melted mine to think of my 2 1/2 year old holding on to his baby brother and calling for help. He was thinking of what could happen to his brother and wanted to save him. Zane does love his baby Zarek. Now we just have to teach Zane to keep the gate closed downstairs. 🙂

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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