One thing that even as a new mother I can highly recommend for your sanity as a mom. Find a ladies group that you can go and be with other mom’s and women. Someplace just for you. You can find this helpful to vent, get great advice and just have a grown up to talk about that knows what you are going through.

I am part of a Ladies Game Night and it really helps me get away and just relax and talk to other women. I’m rather shy and it’s hard for me to make new friends. And I’ve found it’s hard being the first one in your group of friends to have children. So this is a great place to meet new women and make new friends.

We are a group of twelve women and we have a large group of ladies that sub when the main members can’t make it. I started subbing for the group three or four years ago. At that time they only played Bunco, hence why I always call it Bunco. I call it that even though we have now started playing three games, rotating through the year. This year we are playing Pictionary, Bunco and Apples to Apples.

When I got pregnant I became a permanent sub and put in that I would like to be a permanent member. There is a $15/month due that pays for dinner and prizes. TJ offered to pay my dues for me as a Christmas present to me since we live on such a tight budget. That december some openings came up and I got one of the positions. I love being a member.

In December we also choose which games we play and one month to host.

This year July is my month. Since I like going with a theme I’m going with a Americana theme. (Once you really get to know me you will learn, I over do everything! And I love themes.) I am going to have mini hamburgers, potato salad, and apple pie. I’m going to decorate with Red, White and Blue. I still can’t decide on snacks for the snack dishes, so if you have any ideas of candy or munchies that are americana let me know. The prizes are pinic bags with plates, silverware and cups inside. And on the handles I’ve attatched a little “romantic pinic” coupon and a gift card for Trader Joe’s.

We are going to be playing Apples to Apples this month. We have played Apples to Apples twice, but we have always played in one large group. Which isn’t bad, but it takes a while to get someone to pick a card from a stack of twelve. I have decided to try breaking up the group into tables and do a rotating system like Bunco. This way the game will be more fun and quick and we can still chat with everyone.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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