Candy Crush

My Review: [rating=3]

I’m surprised by Candy Crush no matter how stuck I get I always come back. Candy crush has created the perfect storm in social gaming, limited turns, and play.

The Game

Candy Crush is a basic switch and match game with great graphics and a fun candy theme. There are over a 100 levels and each level has a different goal  including beat the score, rid the game board of “wrappers” or get the fruit to the bottom of the board.
You get up to five turns with a new turn being added about every 30 minutes or you can connect to Facebook and ask for new turns right away from your friends.

Social Gaming

I think that some games miss that you don’t always want to bug your friends when you are playing a game every day, multiple times a day. With Candy Crush Saga you don’t have to have help from your friends all the time. If you are happy to just wait for your turns to regenerate then just sit back and relax, but if you are stuck on a level that you really want to beat just ask a few friends for a few more turns to get it done.

Catch the Train

Once you get to a certain level you will have to connect your Facebook account and ask for help from friends to keep going. About every 10 levels on Candy Crush Saga to ask them for tickets for the train to the next set of levels.

Glitches -1 Star

I would give this game 4 stars if it wasn’t that I do get errors on my Facebook connection with them. When I select all my friends with requests I get an error. It took me a while to figure out to clean out my messages from the game I can select each individual offer and except it they will all go away.


Pay for Your Boosts Only -1 Star

Another reason I didn’t give Candy Crush Saga 5 stars is because you cannot earn special boosts or receive them from friends. The only way you can get special boosts is by purchasing them.

Overall Good Game

I would say that even with the glitches and no free boosts that this game is definitely worth a download. If you like a game that challenges you, but you can relax while playing then you will like Candy Crush Saga.

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