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Baking Healthy Recipes

A Healthy Snack: Mini Protein Donuts

I went into Bath and Body with a gift certificate wanting to buy some silicone cup cake pans, but alas they don’t sell them in the store. I looked around and I found donut pans! My boys have been going over to the store every weekend getting donuts. I knew I could come up with …

Baking Healthy Recipes Snacks

Healthy Sausage & Pancake Muffins

A great go to snack or quick breakfast for our family is muffins. I’ve shared some of my favorite muffins in the past. But as we are trying to eat healthier I haven’t been baking as much. I’ve been wanting to try and figure out a few muffins that will be healthier options for my …

Baking Healthy Recipes

Muffin Madness

Last year I was making some banana bread but once I had everything made up I realized I had no bread pan. (FYI,this is a very me thing to do.) So I looked through my pans and found a muffin tin and that was the beginning of my muffin madness. I now try and keep …

Baking Dessert Healthy Recipes

Holiday Food Fest: No-Bake Cookies

For my Cookie Swap this Sunday I have made two kinds of cookies. But because I have so much to do for the party and Christmas I decided to make simple and quick cookies. So both cookies I am making are no-bake. The first cookie I made was a Girl Scout Mint Cookie Copycat. They …

Baking Healthy Recipes

Holiday Food Fest: Cookie Dough Log Rolls

I have finally decided what I am going to do for neighbor gifts. Every year I try to make our neighbors a gift, I also make a few extra for just in case. This year I am going to be making Cookie Dough Log Rolls. I’ve seen them in a few different craft places, but …

Baking Dessert Healthy Recipes Snacks

Holiday Food Fest: Pumpkin Muffins

My son loves muffins as you may have read about here. I wanted to make some pumpkin muffins but I couldn’t find a recipe I loved, so I decided to modify a recipe. I only did a tweek here and there but I like that they are not messy and not an overly sugary treat. …

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