This is the first week in December and the first week I will be sharing our family Christmas Traditions. If you wish to join in please add your link below.

This year we are going to be starting a lot of new traditions, now that Zane is more aware of Christmas. Last year I bought this Train Advent from Target after Christmas and got a great deal on it. Zane loves the train and for the whole first day we had it up he was trying to convince Granny he needed a ladder to get to the Choo Choo.

The compartments are very small so I cannot fit very much in them, so we write a little note and put a small piece of candy with it. Usually I put in a starburst or a few smarties or skittles in the slot (from his Halloween candy ~_~ ).

On the note we write a place for him to find like Daddy and Mommy’s shoes or baby Zarek’s high chair. We are giving him one new Hot Wheels or Matchbox car for each day. We were wanting to fill up a little car case we had gotten him this summer, so this seemed the perfect way of doing that.

Do you do and your family do an advent? What is your favorite tradition every year? Feel free and add your link below if you have posted about your family tradition or traditions. Please link back to this post, thank you!

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