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A year and half ago I went to the Book Expo with my mom. One of the things I received there was The Elf on the Shelf book and elf. I even got the book signed. I was very excited about this book because I thought it would be a great tradition to do with Zane.

Last year I read him the book but we didn’t really go beyond that. This year now that Zane is little older we opened up the book after Thanksgiving and read it to him. And we let him name his elf, he named him Puzzle.

The idea behind this special little elf is that he goes and tells Santa if you have been good or bad every night. So every morning when the children wake up they can find him in a new spot.

I wasn’t very good at moving him at first. Mainly because I think Zane is still a touch too young for it. But as we get closer to Christmas and since we have met Santa Claus I have been moving him.

We have also integrated the advent train with the elf. We tell Zane that when he is a good boy Santa sends back a hot wheels car with Puzzle to hide in the house. This has been great fun.

If you want to learn more about the Elf on the Shelf you can visit their site.

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