I read that having your children work with clothes pins helps with their scissor skills and since that is one thing that I have been working with Zane on I decide to create this craft.

Creating these lions was so easy even Zarek, at 2 1/2, could help us!


  • plate or card stock
  • Elmer’s white glue
  • craft paper (white, black, light brown) (Cut white eyes, pupils, nose & mouth)
  • clothes pins
  • markers (Red, Orange, and Yellow)

Step 1: Color the clothes pins with the markers.



Step 2:  Color plate (I trimmed ours as the lip didn’t work well with the clothes pins) or circle cut from card stock


Step 3: Glue white of eyes down (Zane went crazy with the glue!



Step 4: Glue pupils down


Step 5: Glue nose down


Step 6: Glue the mouth down




Step 7 : Let your child place the clothes pins around the outside edge like a main.




You can let your child play with this over and over.


This was such a fun project and it was really easy. Plus you can get all these items for $10 or less (You can find clothes pins at the dollar store).

Do you have any other crafts or activities that help your preschooler with their scissor skills?

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Pepper Ferguson

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