I saw a great Jellyfish activity on No time for Flashcards. When I saw it I knew I could instantly use an old coffee filter craft trick to make it even more fun!


Step 1: Color the coffee filter. Notice the mat underneath, the pens will bleed through. You can do it on newspaper also.


Step 2: Spray the coffee filter with water. Watch the colors transform!


Step 3: Let your coffee filter dry in the sun!


Step 4: Fold your filter in half


Step 5: Cut out strips from tissue paper. Zaney really wanted red.


Step 6: Use glue or my favorite glue dots to paste the tissue paper strips to the back of the Jellyfish.


Step 7: Place two googly eyes on Jellyfish and enjoy!

This is such an easy craft you can do it with your toddlers. As you can see Zarek joined us in this activity and he loved it! If your little one is not good with scissors just cut the strips of tissue paper beforehand.

Hope you enjoyed this craft.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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