Some of you lovely ladies may be wondering what happened with the Comment Cocktail Hour last Wednesday. Well, we were all set, things were flowing smoothly in the chat as people came popping up as they were signing in. Then it happened, it all crashed.

First, people suddenly were being tossed into the shadows and then the chat all came tumbling down around us as the site crashed.

Yep, you ladies crashed SITS! Can you believe it?

Then the scramble started. We quickly ran over to twitter. I had half mentioned Twitter to Jenny, that we should have a back up plan and we should choose a twitter hash tag. Luckily Jenny got word that the @SITSgirls had gotten some people together under the hashtag #cocktail.

We slowly rallied people there, as Jenny encouraged people to keep joining up with the group and helped with some of the mayhem, I quickly wrote a note in the forum to try and help more people find there way. Little did I know some of you may not even been able to get to the forum as the whole site had crashed not just the

I know that you could tell we were scrambling like mad ladies trying to figure out how to get twitter to work the same way we had planned to get the chat to work.

Jenny and I had luckily had google chat open to be able to “talk” while the show was going so we were still connected even with the crash.

Jenny started out our “tutorial” we had created to show you how the plan would work, while I took our master list of names and links and tried to figure out who had made it to twitter.

I was trying to match names or URLs to twitter handles and highlight them on the list for Jenny to be able to call. Jenny realized that I was a quicker typist and we switched roles, she started calling out names and I started calling the links.

There would be long pauses when we would go through the list looking for the next link and have 5 to 10 people missing, which isn’t surprising with the sudden change in venue. Some people were begging for the next link and we were desperately looking for that next link.

We hit our first hour and had only made it through a few links, so we asked if the ladies were willing to hang out and keep commenting. We moved onto a second hour of links. Slowly people had to leave and then the evening came to the end. We had called out 35+ links!

What an amazing evening and so much fun. We are excited to try it again, we hope you are too.

We have talked to the very lovely SITSgirls and have been trying to figure out how to move the chat to twitter. For a chat system that would work on the SITS site we would be looking at a month or so to get it set up, so instead we are moving to twitter.

We are hoping to have all kinds of great information on how the chat will work. Also we will be sharing how to use twitter for any new tweeters out there.

Stay tuned Tuesday, the new Comment Cocktail Hour post will be up at SITS and be ready for some great fun. While you wait we would love to hear your feedback on CCH.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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