I got this freezer full of food for less than $75 plus I got free wipes, sippy cups, diapers, and cereal. Now this was a crazy deal from Target and I don’t know if I will ever be able to do this again, but I will try.

Today I’m going to share how you can get deals like this.  We will go over how to organize your links, I will share my bookmarks, and go over just how to do it.

Bookmark Organization

I originally wrote this for someone I know who is not very computer savvy. So you may not need the first step in this process, but you may find it keeps you more organized.

Step 1: Open your bookmarks in a side menu by holding CTRL and pressing B.
Step 2: Make yourself a new folder by right clicking and selecting “New Folder…” Name the folder Penny Pincher.
Step 3: Right click on the Penny Pincher folder and select “New Folder…” and name it Baby Deals
Repeat step 3 and make the following folders 7 folders (inside Penny Pincher): Grocery Deals, Drug Store Deals, Target, Multi Deals, Retail Stores, Misc Deals
Step 4: Click on the links below to open the sites. Click and drag the icon on the left side of the web address to the appropriate folder:

The Bookmarks

Baby Deals
Gerber Coupons – You do have to register for these coupons You are limited on the amount you can print.

Different Gerber Coupons – Same company as above just different coupons

Gerber.com – Register on Gerber to receive coupons by mail and email

Pick your favorite formulas and diapers and register at there sites for coupons.

Grocery Deals
Vicky’s Grocery Deals – Vicky’s Deals is a forum. You don’t have to join to see the deals.

Coupons.com – A great place for grocery coupons. You do have to download an application and you are limited on the amount of coupons you can print per coupon.

Smart Source – Another great place for grocery coupons:

A Full Cup Grocery Deals – This is my favorite deal site and the one that helped me a lot with the baby food bargains.

Drug Store Deals
A Full Cup’s Drug Store Deals – I have heard huge raves on rebates at drugstores, but I have not figured this out yet.

Full Cup’s Target Coupon Generator – Read the instructions closely on how to print these. I’ve printed pages!

Full Cup’s Target Deals and Steals – This is a new feature and it really shows how you can get so much for free.

Full Cup’s Target Forum – Just more talk on the deals at Target. Also about how to work with some of there “policy’s”

Multi Deals
Vicky’s Daily Picks – These are Vicky’s favorite deals from the day.

Vicky’s Hot Deals

Moneysavingmom.com – I just found her today but it looks like a great resource.

Retail Stores
JC Penny’s Outlet – Their outlet has Under 9.99 Deals and Wednesday Only Deals. The links are on the bottom left. You can find some really great deals here.

Misc Deals
Birthday Freebies – A huge list of Birthday Freebies

If you have more links that I haven’t linked here please share them. I know there are a few really good coupon sites out there that will give you a guide to what coupons were in your Sunday paper and what the stores have on sale. But alas I have found none of these work for Oregon.

How to do it..

Some of the things you are going to want to do is to learn about the stores in your area. Learn which stores take double coupons (or triple if you are lucky). Learn there coupon policies. (We have one store that will take any competitor coupons, which is useful to get your shopping done in one place.) And if you can’t find this information? Then just play dumb and try it out.

Now the other key to this is you have to be bold. Act like you now exactly what you are doing even if you don’t. If you have to start out small and see if this process works. You will find that your confidence will build and you will start getting a high from your bargain hunting.

Try to be polite to the cashier and lay out the coupons for them or have things lined up easy to ring. If you are being nice and not making things hard for them they are less likely to complain. I had many cashiers cheer me on saying that they loved that I was saving so much money. And I would have other customers behind me that would just be amazed.

Also try to be polite to other customers. At certain points I would have over a hundred jars in my basket that had to be rung up individually, then 50 coupons that needed to be scanned (or hand keyed at one point), and we learned that it would take the register could take a full five minutes to catch up. When people would get behind them I would just let them know politely that I was going to take a while.

I hope that you will find that you too can fill your house to the brim with very little money. That you can be a coupon clipping deal maniac too.

And just so you know no Zane did not eat all that food. I have donated half to a family friend and will be donating the rest to a pregnancy crisis center in the area.

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