Is it terrible to say that my first reaction to you coming into our lives was not that of glee and joy. But you my little boy have filled our lives with so much glee and joy. I was stressed about the idea of having a new little one so quickly. After waiting and trying for your brother so long, I was not expecting a such a quick repeat. I was afraid you would be a whirl wind of a little boy just as your bother.

But you are so much different than your brother. You Zarek are my little sunshine. You wake up with sunshine smiles, hugs and kisses and you just fill my day with warmth and happiness. You love to snuggle and share your love. You love to give out random kisses and have a huge heart. When Zaney gets hurt you run over to give him so many loves.

This last year I have watched you become the most efficient walker, runner, climber I have ever seen. You love to climb on everything and have only fallen a few rare times. Your words are slow to come but I suspect that is because you want to be confident in your wide range of movement.

You are also very quiet when you speak, I think that you are just more quiet in general. Though this last month you have really started picking up your words and even saying sentences. One being “Go Away” so clearly the first time I heard it I was sure it wasn’t you. I wonder who would have taught you that phrase? Maybe a big brother, even though he loves you and loves playing with you somedays he’s done and says this to you.

I love to watch your compassion grow and strengthen, you obviously will have a heart for animals and for people. You try and make sure everyone is happy and if not you try and comfort them with your sweet two year old way.


You have definitely decided that you are two and that this means you know how this world works and if mommy says no she must be wrong. Part of me is happy to see this strength of character, but part of me is sad to see the two-year-old defiance start to come out. Tantrums have started, but I know you will quickly grow out of them!

We have had such an amazing year and I cannot wait to see the years to come. I’m sorry your letter is a little late, life has been so hectic in this last few months, but I wanted to make sure I finished it!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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