Dont Eat The Love Bug Game Free Printable

Don’t Eat the Love Bug game is a Valentine’s Day version of Don’t Eat Pete. As I was planning Zarek’s Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Class Party I was having troubles find a super easy game that would work well for Kindergarteners.

We had played Don’t Eat Tom at the Fall Class party and it was a huge hit. I started searching to see if there was a Valentine’s Day version of the game and I couldn’t find a really cute one. There were Don’t Eat the Cupid games but I wanted something more bright and colorful. I decided to make my own Valentine version of the game.

Don't Eat the Love Bug Printable Game

Since I was already planning on having the kids make Love Bug Pencil Toppers for their craft I decided to make the Valentine’s Day version of the game Don’t Eat the Love Bug.

How to Play the Game:

1. Place one candy or cereal on each square.

2. Send one child from away so they don’t hear.

3. Have the other children pick out which animal is going to be the Love Bug.

4. Have the first child return let them eat one piece at a time.

5. When the child reaches for the designated Love Bug everyone yells, “Don’t eat the Love Bug!”

6. If the child goes for the Love Bug first they get to keep all the treats.

7. Now it’s the next child’s turn!

Print It!!


Free Don’t Eat the Love Bug Game Printable with Directions

Free Don’t Eat the Love Bug Game Printable without Directions

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