Our Eggs

Today we got to do our traditional egg dying! I was very happy we were able to do it this year, since for some reason I’m working full time this week and I’m trying to catch up from being sick. It was fun to have some family time even if it was a little stressful to pull everything together quickly.

This year Zane was very into the egg dying. Last year I dyed them for him and he got to put stickers on them. This year he got to pick the eggs colors and loved watching Daddy drop them in the colors. Zarek just sat back and watched. We had a snack while we watched the eggs soak. Zarek loved the snack. LOL

I let Zarek look at an egg before it was dyed, for a photo more than anything. He picked it up and threw it to the ground. That’s what he thought of that. I gave him the memory game from the Paas pack and he liked playing with the small pieces of cardboard for a little while. I didn’t get any photos of him with the dyed eggs since he decided he wanted to go take a nap before they were dry.

Zarek checking out his egg

Zane got to put stickers on the eggs again this year and loved it. He liked it so much that when he found a plastic egg in the house with foam stickers he stuck the stickers all over the egg. He did a really good job all on his own.

Great Job!

Tomorrow I will show you my favorite egg dying technique. Or if you check out my flickr feed you can get the basic idea.

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