Easy Chia Seed Tea

I saw a wall full of fun new chia drinks at my local grocery store, though most of them were made with fruit juice. I don’t mind fruit juice but I don’t like drinking my calories. I was inspired to make a low calorie chia seed drink. Chia Seeds are amazing. When you soak them they become almost like tiny tapioca pearls and become thick like pudding. On top of their unique consistency Chia Seeds have 5 grams of fiber in each tablespoon and are packed with Omega-3.

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Chia Seed Tea

Serves: 2


  •  3 T Chia Seeds (Affliate Link)
  •  1 C water
  •  1-1.5 C tea


    1. Mix Chia Seeds and water
    2. Let soak 1-2 hours or overnight
    3. Mix in tea to consistency that you wish.

Amount Per Serving Calories: 91 Fat: 5 Sugar: 0 Carbohydrate: 8 Fiber: 8 Protein: 5

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