Easy DIY Duct Tape Earbud Case

Easy DIY Duct Tape Earbud Case

Do you know a music or podcast fan? Then they probably use their earbuds everyday. Here is a great do it yourself project to create a great earbud case with duct tape! This would be a great Father’s Day gift or a great gift for a teacher. There are so many different great patterned duct tapes available now that I’m sure you can find something that makes this the perfect gift for anyone!

What you will Need:

  • Patterned Duct Tape
  • Accent Color Duct Tape (Optional)
  • Velcro
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge
  • Self Healing Matt (Optional)
  • Hole Punch
  • Key Ring or Claw

DIY Duct Tape Earbud Case Video Tutorial:

DIY Duct Tape Earbud Case Step by Step Photos:

Click images to get step by step instructions with photos in slider format.


Step 1: Cut 1 piece at 5 inches and one piece at 3 inches
Step 2: Line up a second piece of duct tape, matching pattern overlapping about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch
Step 3: Cover the backside of the 3 inch pieces and the 5 inch pieces with accent tape
Step 4: Trim off any sticky edges off the top and bottom of your pieces
Step 5: Cut thin strip of accent tape and cover the top edge of 3 inch front piece
Step 6: Tape front piece and back piece together with accent tape on bottom, and sides
Step 7: Trim any tape that may be sticking out
Step 8: Fold top flap so that it creates a triangle shaped fold for a guide
Step 9: Use straight edge to cut flap into triangle shape
Step 10: Trim the flap with accent tape
Step 11: Add velcro to the top of the flap
Step 12: Hole punch in one of the top corners
Step 13: Cut thin strip and then cut out two notches on the end
Step 14: Fold strip into thirds to create a strap
Step 15: Thread strap through case and hook snap or key ring
Step 16: Tape ends of strap together and wrap with small piece of tape to secure

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