Every year I try to pick an ornament I can make for our neighbors, family and friends. This year I wanted to get the boys involved so we made these easy snowman ornaments. This is a great kid’s craft that they could create as a small gift from them.


You can see in our Crafting with Kids video that the boys enjoyed making these snowmen. You will also see that there are two variations on the ornament, buttons and felt or pom poms and pipe cleaners!

Snowman Ornament Supplies


  • Large Popsicle Sticks
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Black Sharpie
  • Orange Sharpie or pen
  • Glue Dots
  • Black felt
  • Colored Felt or Fancy Pipe Cleaners
  • Buttons or Pom Poms
  • Something to put under your painting process

Step by Step Photo Instructions:

Click images to get step by step instructions with photos in slider format.

Step By Step Intructions:

Step 1: Paint your craft sticks (1 coat makes a white wash look, 2 coats for all white)
Step 2: Tie knots in the ribbon
Step 3: Cut out hat shapes from the black felt. Layer 2 pieces of felt for each hat so they are the same shape.
Step 4: Stick the hat to the tip of the craft stick and stick the ribbon to the top of the hat (You can use glue dots or felt with sticker backs)
Step 5: Place second felt hat over the ribbon and tip of the craft stick.
Step 6: Draw a snowman face. Dots for eyes, dot mouth or smiley mouth and orange triangle for the nose.
Step 7: Add fancy pipe cleaner scarf and twist or use glue dot to add the felt scarf.
Step 8: Use glue dots to place 3 pom poms or 3 buttons below the scarf.

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